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//Divorce can get messy – Let Kim Armfield & Associates keep things professional

Divorce can get messy – Let Kim Armfield & Associates keep things professional

There is more to divorce than a piece of paper. Making the life-changing decision to split from your spouse is very stressful, especially in cases where children are involved. At Kim Armfield & Associates, our family law services lend themselves to individuals seeking out stress free and affordable divorce proceedings, led by sound legal advice.

Our team of family law experts can provide assistance across a broad range of relevant law applications when it comes to assisting individuals that are going through a divorce. We also offer a balance between compassionate discourse and a professional, driven approach to even the most sensitive areas of divorce. We understand that very divorce is different and requires a customized approach – Kim Armfield & Associates can assist our clients with uncontested divorces, contested divorces and mediated divorces, as well as relating family law matters that ensure optimal results for everyone involved.

Some of the tough decisions arising during divorce can include custody and maintenance arrangements, as well as the dividing of shared assets. By enlisting the reputable services provided by Kim Armfield & Associates, conflicts can be kept to a minimum and resolution can be more easily obtained.

Thanks to years of experience gained through our vast portfolio of successful divorce cases, our dedicated family law attorneys have found that it is always better to settle any personal or acrimonious disputes outside of court. Entering into a divorce without guidance or mediation can quickly lead to complicated, expensive and lengthy court cases – these attributes define the notorious phrase that we have all heard at some point or another, messy divorces. Although divorce processes in South Africa can be relatively straightforward and reasonable to both parties, those involved can suffer with the financial and emotional consequences for years to come.

Family law services offered by our Kim Armfield & Associates’ team include mediation (also applicable to family disputes that don’t lead to divorce), divorce proceedings, cases that focus on the custody & care of minors as well as maintenance matters and parenting plans that place the needs of children first.

We will do our best to identify and follow through with a workable solution, holding your hands every step of the way. For more information of our family law area of practice, please feel free to contact a Kim Armfield & Associates representative.

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