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//Kim Armfield & Associates – Who are we and how can we help you

Kim Armfield & Associates – Who are we and how can we help you

At Kim Armfield & Associates, we offer our clients a specialized approach to a variation of legal matters, from divorce and other complicated family law cases to credit law, wills & estates and debt management. Established in Cape Town and steered by director, Kim Armfield, with the purpose of achieving the very best possible outcome for every client, we will work tireless in pursuit of attaining these goals for you.

The dedicated and reputable team at Kim Armfield & Associates provide coherent strategies and sound solutions across a range of legal matters, in order to alleviate the burdens of lawful wrongdoing or unfair circumstances, in which a person requires legal aid to right these wrongs.

Our expertises are extensive, thanks to our diverse team of lawyers, well versed in many branches of the law and equipped with the necessary people skills to handle sensitive situations in a professional, dependable manner. With our network of attorneys available to assist you from anywhere in South Africa, we also provide our legal services through correspondence.

Family law and mediation are one of our most highly sought after services, prevalent in the lives of everyday South Africans on a daily basis. At Kim Armfield & Associates, we will first seek out possible settlement arrangements through mediation and facilitation, protecting clients from enduring the strain of official litigious proceedings. We work closely with every client to fully appreciate their unique requirements, while our family law services include mediation, divorce proceedings, custody & care of minors, maintenance and parenting plans.

Dissimilarities occur between friends, within workspaces and even on the road every single day. At Kim Armfield & Associates, we offer litigation solutions that will facilitate a fair outcome– our litigation attorneys are skilled negotiators and will present your case in court with conviction. We can also assist with contracts – anything from simple one page contracts for a more “official” and binding agreement to more complex and intricate documentation that contains various speciality clauses. Our contracts are informative, easy to grasp and transparent to all parties involved.

Our Kim Armfield & Associates’ team also offer a comprehensive debt management service, as well as a service in debt review legal matters. We assist countless individuals with debt review and debt counselling services to lessen the strain of being over-indebted. An entire department of our firm is devoted to debt review legal matters, assisting debt-review counsellors with consumer liaisons, reporting, court appearances and more.

At Kim Armfield and Associates, we make a point of forming strong and sincere relationships with our clients, as we collaborate for peaceful resolutions during some of their most difficult times. We are unwavering in our service excellence and welcome you to get in touch with us at any time, to discuss your unique circumstances and legal requirements.

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