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//What exactly is the role of a mediator?

What exactly is the role of a mediator?

In many cases where two parties do not see eye-to-eye during a legal dispute, a mediator will be appointed in order to find resolution and arbitrate a mutually beneficial settlement. Regardless of the situation and the approach, reconciliation is always the goal in mind – a goal that is not hard to achieve when the mediator is a professional, with excellent knowledge and experience in their craft.

If mediation is successful, both parties involved can avoid nasty and expensive court cases, as well as irreparable damage to important family relationships. Mediation is a step taken before the case turns “ugly”, by offering options for consideration, reasonable negotiations and legal counsel. A mediator acts as an advisor, catalyst, educator and peacekeeper, always geared toward an outcome that will suit both parties with minimal dispute, in the fairest way possible.

Oftentimes, cases are taken to court and dragged out unnecessarily; costing both parties their sanity and their ability to act within reason – when individuals are under stress and thinking from an emotional perspective, it becomes almost impossible to make decisions that could impact the rest of their lives. One of the main roles of a mediator is to assist clients in identifying their needs, while also encouraging respectful and responsible steps forward. By seeking out the services of a mediator through Kim Armfield & Associates, meaningful and mutually advantageous solutions are our first priority. Our mediators are unbiased, impartial and fully confidential.

At Kim Armfield & Associates, we focus on a broad range of practice areas, in order to provide an exceptional service to each and every client. Our network of attorneys are accomplished and well versed in their respective areas of expertise, while we favour the process of mediation in almost every instance as a practical step toward effective solutions.

Our mediation team currently comprises of two qualified and dedicated mediators, while our mediation services are often vital during divorce cases and family disputes. The role of a mediator is not only to find resolution, but also to provide legal advice towards practical outcomes through an in-depth understanding of the particulars of any case, as no two disputes are alike.

Family law is one of our most utilized services, a service that goes hand-in-hand with mediation and facilitation. Through matters of separation, divorce, custody and maintenance, mediation can often provide relief to families when they need it the most.

Our friendly Kim Armfield & Associates team is just an email away, ready to assist with any information you may require regarding our professional mediation services. Check in with us by emailing: info@legalwc.co.za

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