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//The importance of a will

The importance of a will

Planning a will is one of the most important actions any individual can take, as it outlines and details the steps that are to be followed after you pass on. Oftentimes, the will you leave behind determines the fate of those closest to you and, in some cases, could even change the course and direction of their own lives – for this reason, drawing up a will should be handled with the greatest care and attention to detail.

Though it is not something anyone likes to think about, the reality is simple – tomorrow is not guaranteed. The last stage of grief is acceptance, and it is important that your loved ones can move forward with life as seamlessly as possible in the event of your passing. Without a will to refer to, a great deal of stress and uncertainty is placed on those left behind, sometimes driving loved ones apart and causing disputes amongst family members, partners and children.

As a legal document, a will stands to communicate the wishes of a testator. These wishes can determine who inherits what from your estate, dividing your assets amongst your loved ones as you intended. For families/single parents with children, a will names the guardians of your child/children – if you should not have a will prepared, the guardianship of a child will be determined by the state or masters of the high court, which may not necessarily be who would have chosen, had a will been set up.

By collaborating with you to understand your specific instructions, our professional team of attorneys at Kim Armfield & Associates can plan your estate accordingly and draw up an accurate, comprehensive and legally sound will and testament. We have decades of experience working with clients to draw up their wills and always approach this exercise with compassion and patience, while providing legal advice and structure where necessary.

It is also important to update your will after significant milestones or life changes. The future is uncertain and our priorities can change – for this reason, it is advised that you revisit your will after any major life events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child or even the acquisition of assets/property in your name.

For those under financial strain, setting up a will with an experienced legal team is still very doable. Every year in September, Kim Armfield & Associates takes part in National Wills Week, sponsored by the Law Society of South Africa and allowing South African’s to draw up wills with participating law firms at no cost.

The shocking truth is that an estimated 80% of adults in South Africa do not have a will set up. At Kim Armfield & Associates, we offer a wills & estate service that will grant you peace of mind, as well as ensure that your wishes are respected and honoured.

To enquire about our professional wills & estate service, simply email us on info@legalwc.co.za, for a quick response from one of our dedicated law experts.

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