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//What is included in our Debt Management Services?

What is included in our Debt Management Services?

Being over indebted is an unfortunate but all too familiar plight among South African consumers, impacting everything from ones health and mental well being to performance at work and quality time spent with the family. For those who are having sleepless nights worrying about debt, the solution could be as simple as benefiting from our trusted Debt Management Services.

At Kim Armfield and Associates, we provide our clients with a range of professional and transparent Debt Management solutions, with the main objective always being to obtain our clients freedom from their excessive financial burdens.

Our expert team are able to identify and provide consumers with the best option available to them, in order to eventually escape debt altogether and start on the road to a new, more prosperous financial future.

Paying off debt that has accumulated and worsened over the years is not an overnight process, nor is it a simple one – the good news, though, is that assistance from our team of legal professionals at Kim Armfield and Associates will ensure the most optimal approach to managing your personal debt struggles. By determining the most viable debt management solution and being there every step of the way, our clients can enjoy a much more optimistic outlook on their finances, while still comfortably making it through every month.

As a client that seeks out our assistance and qualifies, Debt Review (otherwise known as debt counselling) is a solution that will allow you to pay back all of your loans through one reduced monthly payment that is more suited to your budget and living expenses. This option is great because it does not require you to take out another loan (which is the case with debt consolidation), while still ensuring that all of your current loans will be paid back in full, over time.

By undergoing Debt Review and dealing with the true extend of your spiralling financial situation, our team of accomplished and experienced lawyers will present you with a newly restructured monthly payment plan. By having only one standard monthly payment instead of multiple monthly payments with rising interest rates, our clients can enjoy instant relief and will also be protected from any possible legal action.

Debt Counselling, or Debt Review, is a debt repayment plan that is recognized and accepted by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). There are certain instances where clients may not be approved, in which case Kim Armfield & Associates is able to assist with a voluntary redistribution plan that will serve as a necessary stepping stone for a future that is free of debt.

For more information on our reputable Debt Management Services, please feel free to contact a Kim Armfield & Associates representative.

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