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//Debt Collection is not as difficult as you think – find out how!

Debt Collection is not as difficult as you think – find out how!

The subject of debt collection is most often met with reactions of stress or uncertainty, and although some may find this to be a drastic option, it is often the only option. At Kim Armfield and Associates, we are committed to eliminating the concerns that face our clients when dealing with debt collection (recovery of money owed), by providing a professional debt collection service that is driven towards attaining the best possible results.

Although there was a time when debt collection was considered extreme; the reality of South Africa’s economy has left many individuals over indebted and unprepared to face the consequences that follow non payments. For smaller companies that have tighter budgets and rely on the structure of financial planning, debtors that don’t pay can affect cash flow and cause unnecessary stress, while most companies of this nature do not have the man power, time or correct approach tactics needed to successfully chase debtors down.

Breaking a financial contract (made either to an individual or company) is never acceptable, and does come with repercussions – for individuals that are struggling to claim back the money that is rightfully owed to them, Kim Armfield and Associates offers a high quality debt collection service in Cape Town, with a devoted network of attorneys available through correspondence across the country. Our knowledgeable attorneys are well versed in dealing with challenging situations – we understand that clients who are enlisting our debt collection services are facing unique circumstances, and as such we apply a custom approach to every case.

Most of the time, a loan (made through business or person) is done so with good intention, with an understanding or agreed upon, structured repayment plan that is suited to both the creditor and the debtor. In cases that warrant debt collection, the debtor is possibly doing their best to avoid making this payment by avoiding your attempts for contact or possibly even disappearing for a while.

When you, as either a company or individual, are struggling to chase debt, Kim Armfield and Associates services can prove to bring about the desired results in excellent time – we apply practical tactics that have been successful in many debt collection cases, while also knowing where the line is drawn between soft debt collection and legal debt collection. We consider legal debt collection to be the last resort, as this can prove to be both time consuming and costly.

Our team of Kim Armfield and Associates attorneys will spend time and use all available resources when tracking down the debtor in question, before initiating contact for negotiation via phone calls, emails and written letters. Our intention is to achieve the best outcome possible in the shortest amount of time, which is made easier when we are able to connect with our valued clients in order to gain insight and perspective.

We apply a professional but stern approach when conversing with debtors, and have a high success rate in debt collection cases. Check in with our team at Kim Armfield and Associates today to discuss our debt collection process and find out how we can help you.

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