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Custody Care and Parenting Plans

Following the divorce or separation of two parents, there is most often the resulting issue of Custody Care, where it is always recommended to seek legal counsel. When emotions are running high, making decisions that will have long-term consequences on you and your families wellbeing should be avoided, which is where Kim Armfield & Associates step in to deliver unsurpassed Custody Care and Parent Planning services in Cape Town.

In all cases where our experienced team of lawyers work with loved ones to attain custody of a child or to draw up a fair and legal parenting plan, our focus is always on the child/children’s best interest, regardless of good intentions of family members.

While it is ideal that a child is raised with both parents forming part of their lives, a certain amount of structure is needed to ensure the wellbeing of all involved – this is where custody and visitation rights need to be established, as one parent will usually have full time custody, receive child maintenance every month, and play a more permanent role in the upbringing and daily decision making that effects the child or children’s lives, shaping their upbringing.

Because each family is unique, our Kim Armfield & Associates team of attorneys will approach each Custody Care case differently, in order to attain the most feasible end results in the most effective and stress free way possible. We will take the time to meet with our clients and detail the legal obligations and binding documents relating to parenting plans and custody agreements, while also providing sound and transparent legal advice and expressing any concerns that we may have.

Parenting plans actually present the perfect opportunity for two parents to come together and negotiate a compromise, while drawing out a detailed plan that ensures their child/children are put first, regardless of the relationship between mother and father. A parenting plan will cover issues like maintenance, education, keeping in contact when the child is with the other parent, religion, travel, problem solving and lifestyle – this process should not be rushed, as it ultimately impacts everyone involved. If done right, a parenting plan can achieve positive results for everyone, with healthy family dynamics and an optimistic outlook.

When it comes to determining child custody, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parents, it is important to know the difference between legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody allows a parent to make important decisions about the child or children’s lives, such as medical treatments and religious association, while physical custody is granted to the parent who is involved in the child or children’s day-to-day care – physical custody refers to the parent who has full time custody, while the other parent will have visitation rights.

One of the main factors playing a role when the court determines custody of a child is the relationship between the child and the family member applying for custody, as this has a big effect on the level of trust and comfort that the child is able to experience as he or she grows older. Check in with Kim Armfield & Associates for assistance in your Custody Care or Parenting Plan solutions today, for professional and dedicated assistance.

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