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//Why lawyers are needed to draft contracts

Why lawyers are needed to draft contracts

A written contract serves the purpose of fully outlining an agreement between two people or two parties, which states legal obligations that must be followed. When a contract is set up correctly, it serves to protect any parties involved and clearly expresses applicable and legally sound terms that cannot be misinterpreted. If you are unsure why lawyers are needed to draft contracts, we take a closer look at this below.

There are many situations in our day to day lives that lead to the necessity of legal contracts, which can include taking out a loan, entering into a partnership or starting a new job. At Kim Armfield & Associates, our team of qualified and driven lawyers offer a reputable and highly effective contract-drafting service to South African citizens residing in Cape Town, which is directed towards achieving your objectives. We will also provide advice from a professional and legal point of view.

Our Kim Armfield & Associates legal team will collaborate closely with each client to gain a comprehensive understanding of the contract requirements, before creating an initial draft (or “skeletal” draft) that serves a foundation from which to work. One of the main reasons why lawyers are needed to draft contracts in that most individuals do not have extensive knowledge of the law and of the best practices followed to avoid negative consequences. It can be especially difficult to draw up a contract that requires negotiation between two parties or businesses, as this can become personal and could break down relationships or raise issues down the line.

Drawing up a well written and detailed legal contract involves patience, a proper understanding of legal terms, the ability to clearly outline every detail pertaining to the matter and a fair thought process. If two parties are creating a contract together, the contract drafting process also involves clear communication and realistic negotiations. Poorly written contracts can cause damaging legal disputes and in some cases, could lead to the contract creator being sued. Because contracts are binding and legally enforceable, there is no room for error or uncertainty during any point.

When drafting a contract, our professional Kim Armfield & Associates legal team apply attention to detail to ensure that no important points are unspecified or can be misunderstood in any way. We can assist with drafting, reviewing, editing or updating contracts that include antenuptial contracts, credit agreements and debt management contracts, as well as contracts pertaining to family law, labour law (including contracts of employment) property lease or property sales contracts, shareholder agreements as well as joint ventures.

Our contract drafting process places priority on establishing trust and transparency between the parties involved in the signing of the contract. Our custom approach ensures that your contract objectives are met, while still being aligned with the law and best practices. A contract should be beneficial to any individuals or companies affected or involved, which is a skill that our Kim Armfield & Associates team have fine tuned and perfected through our years of legal practice.

When asking yourself why lawyers are needed to draft contracts, it is important to identify the huge role that this contract will play and the potential downfalls it is has been created incorrectly. For all your contract requirements, get in touch with our result-driven Kim Armfield & Associates team.

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