Professional Contract Drafting Services

At Kim Armfield and Associates, it is our belief that contracts are more than just a written account of the negotiations and agreements between companies and individuals. In fact, we believe that a contract can be an unmissable tool that allows for various role players to engage in constructive, positive relationships that benefit all involved. This is why we take great pride in tailoring professionally drafted contracts that pave the way for positive consequences for all interested parties.

It is not only large companies and corporations that require contracts. While a verbal contract is binding, it is often difficult to prove the contents of such an agreement in the event that a dispute should arise. Contracts can range from simple one-page agreements, to intricate and voluminous documents with a variety of speciality clauses. We believe in keeping our wording as simple as possible in order to avoid any uncertainties, so that it may be clearly understood by individuals who have not been trained in the law.

When you choose Kim Armfield and Associated to assist you with drawing up a written contract, you can rest assure that both parties to the agreement will be fully aware and informed of the contents thereof, and that we will work to establish transparency between all involved. It has always been our aim to create and maintain trust that avoids unnecessary disputes between individuals or businesses that enter into a binding agreement.

Our contract services include:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review
  • Contract editing
  • Contract updating
  • Contract execution

This is applicable to everything from antenuptial contracts and association agreements, to licensing and royalty agreements, credit agreements, contracts of employment, lease and sale, as well as franchise agreements. We also oversee the drafting of joint ventures, loan and financing agreements, terms & conditions and more. In short – we offer a comprehensive portfolio of contract services for individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

No matter what type of contract you need, you can rest assured that the Kim Armfield and Associates team will work alongside you to tailor a practical legal solution with the utmost attention to detail.

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