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Criminal Law – Cape Town

At Kim Armfield and Associates, we believe in justice and fairness in all aspects of law, including criminal law. Our criminal defense lawyer applies effective and proactive approaches when dealing with clients facing criminal charges, to positively affect the proceedings and outcome of the case.

Working closely with accused or prosecutors to professionally assist with any Criminal Law matter, our skilled litigators and attorneys provide fair and dedicated services to each client. The potential consequences facing those charged with a crime can be life changing, which is why our very criminal lawyer will strive to protect our clients rights every step of the way, while providing sound advice and insight. Oftentimes, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can mean the difference between a prison sentence or dismissed charges. For anyone facing criminal law matters, Kim Armfield & Associates provide reliable legal counsel and personalized services.

When facing the daunting process of criminal law proceedings, many of our clients have clouded judgment, as they are overcome by the uncertainties of what lies before them – our driven Kim Armfield and Associates legal team will set out to conduct a comprehensive pre-trail investigation and will also work toward getting the charges against you dropped or lowered, making every effort to ensure the best outcome possible. Our criminal lawyer has experience in various criminal law fields that include bail applications, fraud, theft & burglary, drug offences, business crime, domestic violence, drunk driving, white-collar crimes and criminal appeals.

Get in touch with Kim Armfield and Associates to discuss your specific and unique requirements for a Criminal Lawyer in Cape Town. Our dedicated team will work with you on a focused and customized approach, to ensure that you are given every advantage against the Criminal Law charges you are facing.

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