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Debt Collection Service

As professional, result driven and highly capable attorneys working with a diverse client base in Cape Town, Kim Armfield and Associates offer services that provide our clients with custom solutions and rapid results. One of the services we offer is Debt Collection, where our legal assistance can make all the difference in our client’s attempts to attain what is rightfully theirs.

Our Debt Collection services are available to individuals who are struggling to collect money lent, as well as to small and medium enterprises in and around Cape Town that simply do not have the time, staff or recourses to chase debtors. Our efficient team of Kim Armfield and Associate’s attorneys will work swiftly when strategising a way forward, using any feasible tactics and reasonable methods available to deliver a quality debt collection service that gives us the best chance to retrieve the debt owed.

Unfortunately, not all debtors are able to maintain their obligatory payments, which is why Debt Collection services are necessary. In some cases, drastic measures are taken by debtors in order to avoid the financial responsibilities that lay before them – these measures can include lying, fraud, disappearing for a while or even moving away, and make it that much harder for an individual or company to claim what is rightfully theirs. When debtors can’t face the music and try to find a resolution, a situation that could otherwise be manageable and have room for negotiation can quickly get out of hand – in these cases, clients can benefit from the legal assistance offered by Kim Armfield and Associates.

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By collaborating with clients to gain perspective, as well as through studying any documentation relating to the loan, our dedicated Kim Armfield and Associate’s team of attorneys will first use a pre-legal approach when attempting to trace or contact the debtor in question – we will attempt to call them, as well as send letters and try to resolve the issue of non-payment in a calm and professional manner.

Through experience we have found that it is almost always preferable to avoid legal action during the debt collection process. Legal action would in this case be referred to as “hard collections”, and is not only an expensive and lengthy process, but also a stressful one. Only once we have exhausted all other options will legal Debt Collection be considered, in which case we will outline in detail the steps forward, so that our clients can make an informed decision.

Our Debt Collection services are conducted efficiently and skilfully, in order to ensure the best possible outcome for each client. As a valued Kim Armfield and Associate’s client, we will keep you updated every step of the way. If all of our pre-legal debt collection services have proven unsuccessful, we will then consider the option of legal debt collection, where collection of debt can be done by way of litigation.

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