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Divorce Lawyer in Cape Town

During divorce proceedings, emotions are at their peak, stress can take its toll and loved ones close to the couple are also affected. The dissolution of a marriage is never foreseen or easy, and can quickly become overwhelming. At Kim Armfield & Associates, our team of lawyers are guided by compassion and driven towards achieving the best results for our clients. Our professional team of Kim Armfield & Associates Divorce Lawyers in Cape Town will work closely with you to ensure an outcome that is fair and reasonable.

At Kim Armfield & Associates, we specialize in uncontested, contested and mediated divorce, and will also share insight and perspective to make sure that you proceed in the right direction. When looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Cape Town, our legal team step in to provide custom solutions that are suited to your specific circumstances and requirements. We know full well that every divorce should be handled with care and patience, and that no two divorces are the same. Our Kim Armfield & Associates team recommended Mediated Divorce wherever suitable to clients – this mediated process is often the easiest, most cost effective and least lengthy divorce process.

Mediated divorce means no exhausting court battles and avoids hostile confrontations, allowing divorcing couples control over the details that will come to define their dissolution of marriage. During mediated divorce, both divorcing partners can meet to outline their divorce agreement, while one of our Kim Armfield & Associates Divorce Lawyers will mediate the proceedings and provide legal advice, feedback and support. There are many life altering and concrete decisions that need to be agreed upon and then stipulated in a divorce agreement, from child custody and maintenance to splitting or selling assets and the family home.

In more complicated divorce cases such as contested divorces, our knowledgeable Cape Town based Divorce Lawyers will assist with detailed settlement proposals, pre-trial preparations, appeals and disputes, as well as other associated legal services, in order to obtain the best possible results for our client. Offering a dedicated Divorce Lawyer in Cape Town service, Kim Armfield & Associates can work with you on comprehensive solutions that will take care of you now and in the future.

In addition to assisting you with a Divorce Lawyer in Cape Town, our legal services also branches out to various areas of Family Law, which include the more arduous matters of custody of minors and child maintenance. Our ability to connect with our clients on a personal level and invest in their wellbeing elevates our services and ensures that our clients are in capable hands throughout the divorce process.

Whether your divorce is pending or you and your partner and ready to take the first steps to divorce, Kim Armfield & Associates can ensure your Divorce Lawyer in Cape Town makes the process less traumatic and more manageable. Our consultations are confidential, while our legal team will also oversee all the tiresome legal formalities that are involved in divorce, which include submitting the divorce petition to court and handling any paperwork.

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