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Professional & Affordable Litigation Solutions

At Kim Armfield and Associates, our litigation department is ready to attend to a comprehensive portfolio of litigation matters, ranging from more complex commercial and contractual disputes, to simple neighbour law. We also attend to claims for damages in respect of motor vehicle accidents, misrepresentation (in particular with regard to sales agreements) and claims for damages in general.

In South Africa, our constitutional democracy places everyone on equal footing when it comes to the laws of justice. Litigation is the term used for the legal process pertaining to the settlement of disputes or claims that require objective determination between natural or juristic persons, and the State. As such, there is not a single South African that can say they are immune against legal disputes.

Whether you are looking to settle a buying matter, need to collect something that is owed to you, or require assistance in a very complex civil matter, the Kim Armfield and Associates team is standing by to balance these competing rights to facilitate a just outcome. Try as you may to resolve a dispute amicably, a situation may arise where you may require a skilled litigation attorney to represent you by means of professional negotiation and settlement or arguing your case before a court of law.

Kim Armfield and Associates attorney offer expert guidance and excellent legal services.

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Our South African courts and adjudicators are dependent on prudent attorneys to assist individuals in exercising their rights and to represent them in a fair and honest manner, so their best interests may be advanced. This is where our team steps in. When you collaborate with a Kim Armfield and Associates attorney on your case, you can rest assured that you will enjoy expert guidance for the duration of your litigation experience. We focus on building a strong trust relationship with each our clients, underpinned by hard work and a sincere devotion to justice. This is why we have a reputation for legal excellence.

For more information regarding our litigation services, feel free to get in touch with a Kim Armfield and Associates representative. We are happy to provide you with any information you need pertaining to our experience, rates and availability.

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