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Labour Law Service

At Kim Armfield and Associates, we offer our clients a professional and result driven Labour Law service in Cape Town, across a variation of market segments and industries. Our outstanding knowledge of applicable labour laws and regulating conditions between employers, employees and trade unions in South Africa allow us to act as advisor and consultant, in order to assist clients with a high quality service that will allow them to move forward with the best possible outcome achieved.

Our labour law service can act on behalf of both the employee and employer, in either the public or private sector, while we will always strive to attain the fairest outcome, with as little stress in between as possible. Guided by our own extensive expertise and years of experience, our Kim Armfield and Associates lawyers are ready to provide comprehensive solutions to all your Labour Law requirements.

We understand that in order for an individual to perform their job to the best of their potential, regardless of the job specification and salary earned, it is vital that the work environment is safe and comfortable, complying with the basic governing standards – oftentimes, the lines get blurred and employees within the workforce can become victim to power plays by those who are in charge, all the while not understanding that there are laws in place to protect them. Employees who suspect wrongdoing in their workplace, or feel they have been mistreated or unlawfully dismissed, can benefit from our Labour Law legal consulting service.

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Fair labour practices in the workplace have proven to be the strength behind many successful and well run companies in South Africa, resulting in more loyal employees that are productive and motivated to do their best. Although the Labour Relations Act is in place to promote democracy, peace and economic development in the workplace, many employees are unaware of their rights and can often become resentful in their jobs, in turn seeking alternative employment, which leads to a high staff turnover in a company that can eventually lead to financial losses for a business.

One of our most important Labour Law services is that of in-house training and facilitation offered to employers. During training, our legal team will detail the various aspects of employment law, as this will better equip and prepare your management and HR departments with the knowledge needed to avoid and handle internal issues without reservation, in a fair and calm manner.

When working with employers and employees respectively, our services are geared toward ensuring the correct procedures are in place. Our services to employers include the all important step of drawing up and reviewing comprehensive employment contracts, drafting internal policies, managing the various aspects of staff welfare, assisting with dispute resolutions and disciplinary matters as well as conducting risk assessments. Our dedicated team of law experts at Kim Armfield and Associates will provide a customized approach that will work best for your work environment, understanding that no two businesses are alike.

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