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Maintenance Lawyer Cape Town

At Kim Armfield and Associates, we consider our Family Law practice to be one of the most essential, as it guides struggling families during some of the most difficult phases of their lives. Our professional team of Maintenance Lawyers in Cape Town offer comprehensive and personal solutions to your unique maintenance matters, knowing that this subject is a delicate one that requires a strong, well thought out approach.

Having provided successful results for many single or remarried parents seeking to attain child maintenance from their ex-spouse, our Maintenance Lawyers at Kim Armfield and Associates have the ability to change your situation for the better, leaving you free to care for your family in the best possible way, with less money stress from one day to the next. Our dedicated Maintenance Lawyers combine an in-depth understanding of the complexities of South Africa’s child maintenance laws with decades of experience, in order to deliver outstanding family law services, without exception.

After a divorce, many aspects of a child’s life will be changed, while in most cases both parents will go beyond their capabilities to ensure their child or children suffer the least impact possible. Child maintenance laws exists to allow a child to live most comfortably in the lifestyle that can be afforded by both parents after a separation. This maintenance amount should assist the parent with full time custody in paying for the child’s school fees, food, home, medical expenses, clothing, extra mural activities and so on. Maintenance agreements can also be amended as the parent paying experiences a change in their finances, either good or bad.

Sadly, defaults on maintenance payments are not uncommon. The law states that parents have a duty to financially support their children until they turn 18, and while both parents are expected to provide, maintenance payments are usually paid by the parent who does not have sole custody, to the parent who is looking after the child full time. Our motivated team of Maintenance Lawyers in Cape Town can assist two parents in drawing up a reasonable Parenting Plan after their divorce or seperation, which covers custody arrangements and child maintenance.

Our maintenance services also extend to parents who are struggling with late payments or non payments from their ex-partner, where we can assist with everything from paperwork and filing to the magistrate court, to representing your case in court and overseeing it till it is fully resolved. It is illegal for a parent to neglect their maintenance responsibilities, while at Kim Armfield and Associates we are committed to the best interest of you as our client, as well as the child/children affected.

There are a few options available when seeking out assistance from a reputable Maintenance Lawyer in Cape Town. Parents who default on their maintenance payments face becoming blacklisted, or can even look at jail time. In most cases, the court will allow for further investigation, in order to ensure that the parent in question is able to afford this payment each month – once this has been determined, options can include issuing a garnishee order against the parent’s salary, attaining an order for the attachment of debt, or else gaining court authorisation to issue a warrant of execution.

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